Your Story

The goal of TSOE was originally to help the author understand the reactions of people when they heard her story directly from her. Now, the goal has expanded.

TSOE is now a place where your secret stories can be shared, anonymously or with your name attached. Stories can be shorts, prose, poems…anything. Series-style stories may be submitted, but posting conditions are still in the process for this format.

Stories will be posted once a month, or more, depending on submission rate. TSOE will contact you at the e-mail address that your story is submitted from if/when your story is picked for posting.


  • Posts with excessively poor spelling and/or grammar will not be considered for posting, so please proofread prior to submitting
  • TSOE reserves the right to refuse any story.
  • When submitting a story with your real name attached, please consider the privacy of other people mentioned in your story. TSOE does not and will not take the time out to research your story and will not be held responsible for any breech of privacy by submitters.
  • Parents may submit their child’s story with mutual parent/child consent if the child is under the age of 18.
  • By submitting a story, you certify that you are at least 13 years of age and hold all rights to the story submission. TSOE is not responsible for any plagiarized submissions.
  • You agree to allow TSOE to post your story on a public blog ( for an undetermined amount of time
  • By submitting, you agree to allow TSOE to contact you with any questions or concerns regarding your submission.

Please submit your story to

By submitting your story, you certify that you have read and agree to all rules regarding submissions.

*Please do not attempt to use TSOE as a means of advertising for business or personal means. TSOE is in the progress of building a “friends” site list and will provide information regarding blog/site submissions at a later date.

  1. OMG! Did you hired a lawyer to write all this?

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