Chapter 18: Karma

He came in from another dorm in the middle of the night. He was a tall, bald Solano. He kept to himself, usually reading the bible. Sometimes he would burst into tears.

He raped his nine year old daughter. The inmates in the other dorm found out from a guard and threatened his life. He asked for a transfer.

The EME were notified. They received the green light to drop him the following day, but he was moved to another dorm.

They located him, but he was moved again before they could act.

It took three weeks before he was caught alone.

Three men held the sex offender down and another roughly shoved a PVC pipe in his ass. They had managed to obtain a four- foot length of concertina wire. It wound up into a small loop, with an electrical tape handle. The wire was inserted into the pipe, and the pipe was removed.
He was raped with the razor wire.

They kicked him in the face so violently that his teeth were found imbedded into one of the assailant’s boots.

There was an immediate lockdown, but nobody minded.

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