Chapter 14: Solidarity

It was a Saturday, most of the dorm was at rec. I was in the dayroom, sketching cartoons with Gary at the table. It was morning, the dust filtering through the window light shot diagonal beams across the dorm. It was beautiful.

Both televisions were playing the same show for once, El Mariachi on network TV. Gary diverted my attention. He pointed out the two woods from Balcones Heights. We called one Frick, the other Frack. They came in together, were the same age, and were both into going to raves. They would sit together in their bunks for hours. They were sitting on the EME bench.

Gary and I were confused. We watched as they shook hands. Frick went to his bunk, took out legal pad and sat at an unoccupied table. Frack made a beeline towards us.

“Hey Frack.” we said.

“Frick wants to see you.” he said flatly. Gary and I looked at each other.

“Fuck Frick. If he wants to see me, he can see me. Here.” I said flatter.

Frack looked shocked. We walked to Frick’s table. They conferred. They came to sit at our table.

Frick and Frack met an Aryan brotherhood member who came into the dorm for two days before, then was released. He made an impression on them.

He spoke of solidarity.

Of brotherhood.

They owed him.

They joined him, he left the same day. The only two AB’s in the block and they were in MY dorm. Now Frick and Frack were asking me about solidarity. They wanted us to pay them protection

“Frick, we wont stand for this. ” I said.

He threatened to drop me. I was getting tired of the AB White Supremacy domination thing. I was getting tired of them causing problems in my dorm. All of the drama from my first day, up until that point came to a head. I went into a mad rage. My world went into slow motion.

I grabbed Frick by the shirt collar from across the table, and hauled him over to my side. I tossed him to the floor, grabbed my pencil from the table and was on top of him. My pencil pressed harder into his throat. My knee pressed harder into his chest. The pencil lead vanished slowly into his skin. Frick made a choked gagging sound.

“Look, fucker, I want you two OUT or you are both dropped. Not disciplined, DROPPED.” I whispered to him through gritted teeth.

The entire dorm was silent as Frick and Frack packed their belongings and left.

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