Chapter 8: Cookie of the Week

Will was a mook. He was dating this woman who asked him to pick up a prescription for her. He did not know that it was counterfeit. As a result he spent eighteen months of his life here. First offence. He was a little bird chested white kid from Louisiana. At first I called him Coonass, but he soon became to be known as “Cookie of the Week.”

I had been a year in when he got there, shaved and walking in front of the tv. I gave him a few minutes to settle himself and walked over. The kid was a loudmouth, but he meant well. He just liked to argue, about anything. We would be sitting at the table and he would come up and ask what I would be doing.

“Designing a submarine.”

“Damn, dawg, that shit’ll never work.”

“Yeah it will, check out the ballast tanks.”

“Nigga, FUCK your ballast!”

Endearing. It was the joke around the dorm that he was my bitch.

I was playing chess with someone and he came over and started talking shit about my pawn structure. I told him that if he did not stop, that I would take the black knight and insert it into his urethra.

“Ok, ok, I’m yo bitch.” he said.

We laughed.

He was a good kid, he just got placed in a shitty situation, just like all of us. I took him under my wing and did my best to keep him out of trouble. I never had any issues with him except for once. One of the major rules in the dorm is that you cannot masturbate. This was an EME rule as well as a TDCJ rule. This was the most commonly broken rule, but nobody caused any fuss unless it was obvious.

Some people would get a medical pass and do it in the medical bathroom. Most would at least cover themselves with a blanket and make a tent.

Cookie just didn’t give a fuck.

He was sitting on his bunk, wailing away when one of his bunk mates got up to use the bathroom. He slipped in it, fell and flipped out. The offended man was pretty high up in the Tangos and was wanting blood. After a meeting with the other spokesmen, it was decided that he had to be disciplined. This was difficult for me because he was my friend, but he seriously fucked up.

I explained the situation to him.

He cried.

I told him that if it wasn’t me, it would be them that do it, and that they did it with steel toes.

He cried.

I told him that it would only last one minute then it would be over if he just didn’t fall down. I helped him get his composure and we went over to the corner.

He stood in between the bunks, gripping the rails. One wood was in front of him, another behind. Since I was the spokesman I had to make sure they did not get out of hand. The entire dorm was quiet, expectant.


Cookie had his eyes shut. I asked him if he was ready. He nodded. When the second hand hit twelve, I gave the word.
The two woods unleashed hell on this kid.

It sounded like a meat drum roll.

The rule was to stay on the ribs, and to hit as hard as you can, as fast as you can until the minute was up. If the person fell, he had to go through it all over again.

After thirty seconds, his knees buckled.

After forty, he was just barely hanging on.

He did not fall until after I called the minute.

Loud fans. Television. Giant gasping sobs. Silence other than that.

I helped him back to his bunk.

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