Chapter 7: The Cockroach

The new Wood’s name was George, but we called him The Cockroach. He was in his late forties, but looked eighty-seven. He was painfully skinny, covered in dirty grey hair, up to his beaming pink bald spot. He was dotted with large open sores and facial blemishes.

He had full blown AIDS.

It was long after lights out when he came in, stinking to high heaven, with two guards carrying his belongings. They picked a bunk out at random, woke up the occupant and promptly told him to pack.

We all hated The Cockroach. He would masturbate into his socks and keep them hoarded under his mattress. He peeled and ate his own scabs. He NEVER showered. He told us how when he found out about the AIDs, he went and had unprotected sex with as many prostitutes he could, so that they would contract and spread the disease. He told us that he preferred the underage ones because they could spread the virus more.

He would laugh about this. He called it his secret game. I asked him how many women he did this to. He stopped counting after two hundred he said.

I wanted to have him dropped on principle, so did the EME.

The problem was that nobody wanted to get AIDS. Dropping someone is a bloody business, and it was too high a risk for contamination.

Word was sent out, we found out about a TS member with HIV. He caught The Cockroach on the bowling alley.

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