Chapter 10: Don the Crackhead

Don was a crackhead from Rhode Island. He was the type of guy that just attracted the wrong kind of attention. He was busted in Houston for selling drugs and wound up on probation. He was doing well for himself until he started fucking his probation officer.

They went on a trip to Las Vegas. They went on a cocaine binge. She left him in the room to gamble and Don became bored. He decided that he absolutely had to masturbate, but couldn’t find anything to use as a lubricant. After a search, he found some lavender hand lotion and used that, and cleaned up with a rag.

She came back soon after and wanted to go down on him. She smelled the lavender and immediately accused him of cheating.

He did not want to get embarrassed so he told her that he saw a prostitute.

Not only did she throw him out of the hotel room, she revoked his probation.

I had loaned him my favorite Penthouse. The one with the dominatrix and two slaves in white latex. When he gave it back to me, the pages were stuck together.

And now I have to drop him.

He got two minutes in the corner and a slightly soiled penthouse for his trouble. Later he told me that it was worth the beat down. I agreed.

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