Michael Princip

My name is Michael Princip.

I was a nobody growing up. The one kid in public school that all of the students had free reign to pick on.
As a result I was a lost person.
When I was eighteen, I had a defining moment.
With a few random acts of vandalism I managed to alter the course of my life forever.
I was sent directly from Marine Corps boot camp to Texas State Jail. For the next two years, that was my life, like it or not.
The people I met there, and the experiences I have had, helped to make me who I am.
I have seen the sane go insane. I have heard the confessions of sick minds. I have participated in violence against my fellow man. I have witnessed racism, I have been a leader, a follower, and an instigator. I was both a traitor and a friend.
Most of what I have to say is shocking. please be prepared for it.
You will see what I saw, just like I saw it and how it affected me.

Part I
Part II
Part III
Part IV

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