Chapter 2

Chapter 2

Raven walked out the door just as Mark honked the horn. As she climbed into the car and turned to put on her seatbelt Mark laughed.


“You have perfect lip marks on the back of your neck in bright red lipstick.”

“Oh crap. Is it gone?” Raven asked as she rubbed her hands roughly against the back of her neck. “I knew she was up to something.” Raven turned down a smoke from Mark and laid her head back against the headrest as Mark switched gears and rounded corners like a maniac. Ever since he had gotten his dad’s stick shift Thunderbird Mark had gained a new kind of confidence behind the wheel. That and now he was one of the regulars down at the local dirt track.

“Rough night?” Mark asked half concerned and half joking.

“No, just tired. I’m begging to think that it’s time for Brit and me to find our own place and do this thing up right.”

“You mean get married and everything?”

“Yeah, I mean we both know that we want to stay together forever. We both have steady jobs and being legally married will help us both out in the spring when we start filling out financial aid applications for college. We both have been pre-approved to go right here to Quinnipiac University. And we can find a little studio apartment right on the edge of the grounds for about $750. Not to mention that she’ll be 19 in October and I’ll be 20 in December.”

“Wow, Rave. That’s pretty heavy. I think you need to talk about that with Brit more than you need to talk to me about it.”

“I know. I just wanted to say it to another human being before I mentioned it to her. Make sure I’m not completely insane for considering it. Plus I want to have a little better plan before I get her hopes up.”

“Sounds logical don’t wait to long though. Don’t lose that sparky enthusiasm of yours that we all love so much.”

“I have to start thinking things thru better if I’m gonna make this work.”

“True. I’ll see you fifth period ok?” Mark parked and got out heading for the AV room.

Raven sat in the car for a minute contemplating everything that had been going on in the last three years. Meeting Brittany, coming out to her mom and dad, moving in with the Thompson’s when her dad kicked her out, exchanging promise rings with Brittany year before last at the “family” Christmas dinner, and just her ever advancing relationship with Brittany. They had agreed that they wanted kids but the method by which they wanted to have them, adoption or artificial insemination, was still up for discussion. Raven cussed as the first bell rang. She had missed her appointment with Mrs. Poloski.

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