Chapter 1

Written by Kay Fuller

Chapter 1

“Wake up love birds,” called Brittany’s mom, Daniel, from the hall knocking on the door, “I’m counting to thirty and then I’m coming in.” Daniel laughed and counted to thirty as she heard one of the girls pull up the sheets. “Ready or not here I come.” Daniel opened the door and headed into the room. As she opened the blinds she was overwhelmed with the usual emotions. She didn’t know why but seeing her daughter so lovingly enclosed in her girlfriend’s arms always made her giddy.

She was proud of her daughter and Raven, her girlfriend. She was happy that they had made it through everything that the world (a.k.a high school) had thrown at them so far without becoming bitter or angry. Raven’s mom worked all the time (she got up at about four thirty and got home about eight) so that her daughter could have a semi-normal life and she could support her husband’s habit. On top of being lazy and abusive when sober, he was a drunk. He never really hit Raven, no what he did to that poor girl was much worse. He was mentally and emotionally abusive, always pointing out every little thing that was imperfect in Raven and everyone Raven knew. Not only that, but anytime Raven did anything good, he downplayed it and made her feel guilty about being proud of her accomplishments. But Daniel had never seen Raven show any hint of that toward Brittany. No harsh words, never a raised voice, and certainly no signs of physical abuse. All seemed well with the girls. And everything was. Both girls kept up good grades and steady part time jobs.

“You’re both going to be late for school if you don’t get up soon. Raven didn’t you say you had to go in early to make up a test or something?” Daniel asked in her annoyingly helpful manner.

Brit threw back over her shoulder, “Stuff a waffle in it mom! We’re awake and since you so insist upon having us up right this second you have approximately thirty seconds to get out before you see more indecently illuminated teenage girl-flesh than you can possibly imagine.”

“Good morning Mrs. Thompson. We’ll be down to breakfast in a minute.”

“Good grief Raven, if you don’t feel comfortable calling me mom at least call me Daniel. I feel old when you…..”

“Five…four…three…” Brit began to count loudly and started wiggling toward the edge of the bed.

“Ok…ok…ok I’m going” Daniel laughed as she sauntering out.

“You had to go there didn’t you, Brit? You just had to say that we were naked” Raven asked from her position on the bed.

“She knew and you know she knew so calm down.” Brit said rolling her eyes and threw her favorite pants at Raven.

“Well, now I have your pants so what are you going to do now?” Raven said laughing and racing down the stairs as realization dawned on her girlfriend’s face.

Tucking the pants behind her on her chair she sat down at the kitchen table and started loading her plate with the customary Monday morning waffles and bacon. She grinned and nodded in response to Richard’s, Brit’s dad, waffle muffled good morning.

As Brit thudded down the stairs and started to pour juice Daniel stated in a coy voice, “we really do need to consider sound proofing that room. Raven’s vocal chords seem to be maturing quite quickly.” As Raven and Richard both choked on their mouthfuls of waffle and bacon Brit declared from the kitchen:

“Hey what about me? Don’t I get any credit for those maturing vocal chords?” it was Daniel’s turn to look a little abashed as she rolled her eyes at her daughter’s obstinate lack of shame and tried to play it cool.

“I gotta go I don’t want to miss my ride.” Raven said as she grabbed another waffle and rolled it up grabbing her messenger bag on her way out to the foyer. Brittany met her at the door and whispered softly, “you really didn’t think you where getting out of here without kissing me goodbye did you?”

“I would never dream of doing such a thing.” Raven smiled as Brit laced her fingers behind her neck and kissed her softly.

“See you at school.”


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