Chapter 6: Moving


At this point in my life, I knew I needed to stop hiding things from my Mom, so I told her right away about the pregnancy. She wasn’t thrilled, but what could we do about it now? At least I was married.
I could no longer stand the stress that my job as a waitress was putting on me now that I was pregnant, so I quit. I went job hunting at various places, and by this time, I had a little baby bump. I did think to myself, ” who would hire me now, knowing that I was pregnant?” I wore baggy clothes and tried to keep it from potential employers. Once I was hired, I would tell them. They couldn’t fire me because I was pregnant. That would be discrimination! I got turned down a lot, but finally, I landed an interview. The company knew I was pregnant and that was fine with them because they were looking for seasonal workers. I got the job as a cashier. I was excited that I wouldn’t have to spend all my time at the house bored. I would be working a 30-hour week and be paid minimum wage. The people at my new job were friendly, and I enjoyed working there.
Me and Jorge moved to another three-bedroom trailer. This time it wouldn’t be so crowded. It would just be me, Jorge, his sister Carmen, and her husband Marvin. I was excited for the upcoming arrival of our baby. Me and Carmen got along just fine and enjoyed hanging out together. We went shopping together, cooked together, and went to parties. Carmen loved to gossip. If you wanted to know anything about somebody she would tell you. If there was something she wanted to know she would find out! Gossip was her passion. Even if it was something about her family she would still tell you every last detail. I knew I could count on her if I ever needed to know anything about Jorge. Carmen later found out that she was pregnant too. We were excited to be pregnant together – our boys would only be two months apart.
Jorge continued his drinking, and he would leave me there alone some nights. One night, he brought his buddies over. They were drinking, had the music blaring and were being obnoxious. No one dared to stand up to Jorge, we all knew his temper. I couldn’t sleep, and I had to work early the next morning, so I left. Before leaving, I gave Jorge a friendly lecture; “Don’t leave, just stay here and have fun. Please don’t drive your car anywhere! I’m going to my Mom’s to sleep, and I’ll see you tomorrow.” I gave him a kiss goodbye and left. When I arrived at my Mom’s house, I called him to let him know that I had arrived safely, but there was no answer. I started to worry… “Where did he go and what trouble was he getting himself in?” Maybe he was just outside. I tried to calm myself down, but I had a feeling something wasn’t right. Sure enough, around 3 a.m., I received a phone call. It was Jorge; he began to tell me this huge story, saying, “Call the police, someone stole my car!” He went on and on. I wanted to believe him, but I knew it was all lies. He was unaware that I had called the house phone numerous times with no answer. I said, “Why didn’t you answer the phone?”. He just gave me endless excuses.
The next day, I received a call from my friend Jaden with the scoop on everything that went down the night before. A friend of Jaden’s had to go and pick up Jorge and his friends from “prostitute alley”. Jorge had crashed the car while driving drunk. Him and his friends heard the sirens and left the scene quickly. It all made sense now. After working that day, I went to get all my things from our place. In my head it was over! I wasn’t going to put up with his shit anymore! I moved in with my Mom for a while. I still kept in touch with Carmen.

Of course, I started to miss him, so I went to the house and left him a new blanket and card. Well, he never got to use it because later that night, he got into a fight with Carmen and her husband. Carmen called the next day to tell me everything. He was drinking again and had brought some girls over to the house with his buddy. Carmen confronted him about the noise, and he punched her in the stomach. Her husband stepped in, and Jorge hit him too. The police were called, and Jorge was placed under arrest for assault. To think, I was considering getting back with him; maybe this was a sign.
I was a mess. My husband was in jail, and I was pregnant. What was I going to do? I spent nights crying myself to sleep. I pondered adoption at one point, but I never took it any further than that. I was already attached to the baby I held inside. I went to visit Jorge in jail, and he seemed like he was changing. Maybe he’d learned his lesson. I decided to give him another chance. Jorge would be getting out of jail soon, and we couldn’t stay with my mom, so I made other arrangements. I talked with my Grandma on my father’s side, and asked her if we could stay with her temporarily. I knew she had helped other people in my family this way before, so it couldn’t hurt to ask. I explained to my Grandma that it would be just until we could get on our feet again. I was desperate – it was our only option, and I knew it wouldn’t be permanent.

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