Chapter 5: Marriage, Graduation & Pregnant

I was just about to finish my senior year of high school, while still with my boyfriend, Jorge. We planned to get married soon after my 18th birthday. I wasn’t very motivated to continue to go to school, but Jorge made sure I went. He told me that he had always regretted not finishing school and I would too, if I quit. That was one piece of good advice he gave me.
We got married at the court house, two weeks before I graduated from high school. My mom, grandmother, sister Dianna, and friend Jaden were the only people who came. My family, especially my mom, wasn’t happy with the decision I had made, but they were still there for me. I can still remember the look of disappointment on my mom’s face. I had broken her heart, and she knew that I was in for a rough road. She didn’t want me to go through what she had went through with my father, but I was a big girl. I had to make my own decisions, whether they were bad or not. My mom, sister, Jorge, and I all went out to eat afterwards at our favorite Chinese buffet. Then, me and Jorge headed home to our trailer, where all our roommates were waiting with a surprise party. We celebrated Mexican style, with cake, food and lots of beer. We danced, played games and got drunk. Everyone finally calmed down, and Jorge and I headed to our small room. The night had just begun. Let’s just say we had an awesome, long night together!
On May 31, 2002, I graduated from high school. My mom took me to get my nails done before the graduation. After the graduation, me, my family, and some family friends went out to eat at Jorge’s work to celebrate. Since I was little, I always enjoyed watching my mom and grandmother cook. I also enjoyed watching cooking shows on television. When I was big enough to reach the kitchen counter I was in the kitchen cooking with my grandmother. Me and my sister would spend the Christmas holidays baking homemade cookies with our grandmother. I started cooking by myself when I was 12. I would experiment with my own recipes. My mom once told me, “The worst thing you ever made was good”. I noticed early on in life that cooking was one of my passions.
In late May or early June, I scheduled an appointment with my doctor to get a prescription for birth control. The doctors office was booked and couldn’t get me in until mid June. I didn’t have any big plans for my life, so my mom took me to a college interview at The Art Institute. My dream had always been to become a chef one day, and I was very interested in what the school had to offer. In the interview, we talked about chefs for cruise lines. Cruise line chefs were always traveling; of course, it was free of charge. I would not only be doing what I loved, but I would be on a cruise, would have my own room, and it was all free. Plus, I would be getting paid! It would be awesome to be a chef for a cruise line, but it seemed to be more for a single person. I felt that becoming a chef for a cruise line was out of the question for a married woman. I gave up my dreams for my marriage. At the time, I felt it was a sacrifice I had to make. There were other options though, and I hadn’t given up all hope yet.
Me and Jorge were still in the honeymoon stage of our marriage, and we were happy. I got a job as a server at a local restaurant. One night after getting off of work, I went to Wal Mart. I’d been feeling strange lately, so I bought a pregnancy test. I couldn’t wait until I got home, so I used the test in the store bathroom. It was positive. I was pregnant. My doctors appointment was just two weeks away, and I was pregnant! I rushed home with the test and told Jorge; he was thrilled. I was more nervous than thrilled. College was out of the question now. I had to put it off. I thought maybe one day I could go, but the important thing now was my baby. I knew my life was about to change forever! I immediately went into “mommy” mode and changed my life for the better. It wasn’t about me anymore; it was about the precious life I was carrying! I was so excited that I bought boy shoes and clothes before I even knew what the sex of the baby was. I wanted a boy, and I just knew I was pregnant with a boy. A sonogram later proved me right.

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