Thank you, all of you, for taking the time to submit your stories and secrets. You are all, without a doubt, the most beautiful people in the world.

Secret Authors:

Kay’s Story

Jacky’s Story

Michael’s Story

Scarlet’s Story

Zora’s Story

  1. spartancaver says:

    Nice idea, however, full access will open the project up to some incredibly gross, rude, crude, nasty, mean spirited, spiteful, obscene, filthy, sick and twisted older teen to late 20’s males. I find their postings at other free access sites, and I am though I am a college educated male, have not the words to describe the feeling I get reading the garbage. I have read your prologue and it promises similar topics. But I will trust that yours is an actual experience and life story for which you need to purge and evaluate and have others validate or in-validate your feelings on each subject matter. Give others in a similar situation a place to vent and have a group sharing experience. The perv’s just want to shock and destroy.
    So this old man has said enough. That being, take on the first posters as permanent friends to the site. Edit all others before letting them post. Delete and ban the jerks that just want to trash the place.
    Good Luck with it

  2. spartancaver says:

    I have read my earlier posting. When I say I read the garbage on other free access sites, I mean I glance, skim over the first few words and gather a general meaning where the thread is headed. If you google any term at all plus Urban slang Dictionary, you get some un-believable garbage results.
    I have sat in anorexia group therapy with my wife and listened to utterly heart breaking tales of the results of childhood abuse and miss-use. I must suffer the results of what happened to her before I met her. She had at least one pivotal point in her life when she expressed to her parents how she wanted to play the cello. They turned away from their little girl, and may have turned a promising star in classical music. Her name could have been as famous as Yo-Yo Ma’s, for whatever she sets her mind to do she does as hard, and perfect as possible.
    I am old by any measure of time and experiences. I have two daughters that are doing quite well in their careers, but less as well in their personal lives. I could have done better, but what did I know? Maybe something I have seen, or heard might one day help someone in this site.
    Who knows? Anything is possible in the future.

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