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Happy December!

Things have been crazy with the holidays. There’s a new post on Elle’s story that you can read here. We’ll be in touch!


Ellie Smith | 

The Secret Story of Elle


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Read it here.

From Elle:

It’s never too late to say something.

Some days are harder than others, and keeping secrets gets harder. Sometimes waiting too long makes it near impossible to tell for a while. These are the times when things are worse. This goes for everything — everything from not telling her that you love her to keeping quiet when he hits you.

If you wait too long, you risk losing someone you love. You risk losing yourself.

It’s never too late to say something.

– elle


Quick update

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Michael Princip’s most recent story update, Tank, is available to read.

Michael is currently taking some time to work on some separate projects. As always, he is still a very large part of the TSOE team, but his readers will notice longer periods of time between updates.

Best wishes!

– elle

A note from Elle

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People are precious, and sometimes we forget that. – Frank E. Peretti

An easy way to let someone go does not exist in a difficult situation.

Whatever you do, don’t rob yourself of the ability to care for another person; simply do so carefully, cautiously, and with the best of intentions in mind.

Do not submit yourself to the advantage of another person.

Do not let your guard down if it compromises your integrity.

Do not willingly compromise your moral standards.

Do care, love, and feel; but pick your affections wisely, and don’t regret the past.

– Elle

I’ll think of you when it rains,
I’ll think of you in hurricanes;
And always.

TSOE white card front

TSOE white card front

TSOE white card back

TSOE white card back

Hey everyone!

So, a few updates:

1.) Michael Princip hit D.C. and took some photos while he was there. You can view them on TSOE’s Facebook page. They’ll be posted here soon. Michael Princip, TSOE loves you. He’ll have a post up about his trip soon.

2.) If you see a TSOE tag somewhere, photograph it and send it to

3.) Speaking of finding TSOE in random places — CARDS CAME IN. This topic touches a bit on the street team; if you want to pass out cards, send an e-mail and they’ll be mailed to your address. We’re working on stickers, t-shirts, hats, bags, notebooks…etc., etc. But for now, we have a huge stock of cards to pass out and dropin random spots. If you want to do it, let us know.

4.) We have quite a few chapters coming in for update! New authors: apologies! Please be patient — we’re currently catching up our current authors and will continue with 1 – 2 new authors each month. Don’t stop sending your stories! They’ll make it up as soon as possible.

5.) If you’re interested in becoming a TSOE street team regional contact — send an e-mail to More details to come.

6.) The current TSOE administrator has made the decision to enlist in the United States Marine Core. This means that Elle will need a new administrator to handle the site and other accounts, along with edits, posts, updates, product process, street team, etc. The new person will have direct contact with Ellie. We’ll announce who that person is as soon as thing become a bit more clear regarding the current admin’s leave time.

7.) You guys are amazing.

❤ Elle

You can read the new chapters below. :]

Chapter 3: Rec Yard Blues
Chapter 4: What do You Call a White Supremacist?
Chapter 5: Lockdown
Chapter 6: Saber Rattling
Chapter 7: The Cockroach
Chapter 8: Cookie of the Week
Chapter 9: Bettina
Chapter 10: Don the Crackhead

– TSOE ♥


Posted: July 26, 2010 in Uncategorized is now!

It happened literally a few minutes ago, so it may not be fully up and operational for just a bit. Keep an eye out!