The Project

The Secret Story of Elle is a social experiment, in a way. It is written by the main character — the person that these things happened to. Why am I doing this? Because I want to know why people react to things the way that they do. Yes, there are textbook answers and clinical studies. But this, for once, is for me.

Someone told me that people gain a stronger personal connection to a story when it’s coming directly from the main character. People hear about the things that have happened to me, but only a small percentage have actually had a girl tell them the things that I’m telling you.

I want to know why people care now, after it’s happened, but didn’t lift a finger while it was happening.

This is where I’ve chosen to tell my story — the story that I don’t talk about. The one that hardly anyone in my current life knows.

Read. Feel free to comment, e-mail me, IM me. I want to know you, and why you’ll react the way that you will.

Your reaction will help me understand why it happened the way that it did.

^ That was the original goal.

TSOE has expanded. The TSSOE project is now focused on getting stories out there into the public eye in order to raise awareness about the types of issue that Elle has faced. TSOE’s current goal is to raise funds for local Houston area charities and organizations focusing in abuse. We’ll get there.


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