Picking up pieces

So I’ve been gone for quite a while, obviously. I had a brain injury just over 3 years ago and lost a good portion of my memory. I’m slowly remembering things and have decided to pick up this project where I left off. It’ll be a while between posts; I can’t predict when I’ll remember […]

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Hi everyone! Michael Princip’s newest chapter is up for reads. Take a look at it here. Happy winter!

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Happy December! Things have been crazy with the holidays. There’s a new post on Elle’s story that you can read here. We’ll be in touch! -TSOE Ellie Smith |  The Secret Story of Elle

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Read it here. From Elle: It’s never too late to say something. Some days are harder than others, and keeping secrets gets harder. Sometimes waiting too long makes it near impossible to tell for a while. These are the times when things are worse. This goes for everything — everything from not telling her that you […]

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Quick update

Update! Michael Princip’s most recent story update, Tank, is available to read. Michael is currently taking some time to work on some separate projects. As always, he is still a very large part of the TSOE team, but his readers will notice longer periods of time between updates. Best wishes! – elle

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A note from Elle

People are precious, and sometimes we forget that. – Frank E. Peretti An easy way to let someone go does not exist in a difficult situation. Whatever you do, don’t rob yourself of the ability to care for another person; simply do so carefully, cautiously, and with the best of intentions in mind. Do not […]

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